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It enables mobile users to choose who knows where they are and when, giving them full control of their desired privacy.

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For extensive research, please arrange to visit us at the C&MA National Archives in Colorado Springs by contacting us directly.

Note that because of the nature of archival material, the C&MA National Archives does not participate in interlibrary loan.

The approach of "organic development" focused on building up Ukrainian institutions, promoting Ukrainian education, and fostering Ukrainian self-reliance organizations that could operate independently from the Polish authorities.

In your message, please provide: Specific details of the nature of your work and materials/ information desired; your name, address, and phone number; your deadline (if any).In 1933 a group of UNDO members led by Dmytro Paliiv left UNDO to form another party that was uncompromisingly opposed to both Poland as well as the Soviet Union.Although this new party was more nationalistic and authoritarian, it was legal and continued UNDO's opposition to the terrorism of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists.This alienated some of its supporters and brought it into conflict with the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists.It was the direct descendant of the prewar Ukrainian National Democratic Party, which had been the leading western Ukrainian political party during Austrian rule through western Ukraine's failed war of independence against Poland.

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