Doctor patient dating relationship

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Getting patients to be more active in their own care is important and this can be decreased by a power differential in the relationship between physician and patient, said Judith Schaefer, MPH, senior research associate at the Mac Coll Center for Health Care Innovation in Seattle.

It will remove the dependency on doctors’ fallible memory and incomplete knowledge, and free them to use machine-generated information to work with patients to shape their specific treatment.” .

, the machines can actually allow a physician to be more human.

For example, when a physician doesn’t have to worry about executing all the mechanics of the job, he/she can devote more time to personalizing each patient’s care.

Thus, it is so important for young doctors to prepare themselves for the various situations they may find themselves in and learn ways to foster a healthy dynamic.

Here are a few factors to consider, from technology and social media to dating and reconciliation.

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