I think i am dating a narcissist dating profile for tonytigeraz

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Exclusive: In many ways, President Trump is a classic case of the paranoid with enemies, except he also is the narcissist who rejects any criticism and lacks the discipline to disarm an array of haters, writes David Marks.

By David Marks If for a moment we step away from the dynamic of political forces at play in Washington and consider the strange psyche of the President, we see that Donald Trump is emerging as the chief architect of his own demise.

Individuals can be addicted to many things such as, alcohol, nicotine, drugs, food, gambling, sex, but when we are talking about an addiction to a person, we usually use the word obsession.

When researches study addiction they often refer to certain neurotransmitters being present in the brain, or certain areas of the brain lighting up, or becoming visible on tests.

A Narcissist survives by eliciting a reaction from you, usually sadness or anger.

They solidifies their sense of control over you when you lose control.

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At present there are no known studies to determine if the same brain patterns exist for an addiction to a person.

I was recently doing some research on addiction, for another publication, when I stumbled across something that fascinated me.

We often become aware, at some point, that continuing in our relationship is not in our best interest, but we just can’t seem to stop, regardless of how bad it makes us feel, or any consequences it renders.

It’s a persistent need and longing, to feel wanted by the object of our obsession, to the point where we will persist in self-destructive behaviors that we wouldn’t otherwise normally partake in. Signs and Symptoms of Addiction The following depicts the signs and symptoms of common addictions and Narcissistic addiction.

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