Dating multiple women

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And that, ironically, makes you more attractive to each one. By dating multiple women, I’m not as affected by the outcome of any one. For instance, I have a problem interacting in an easy-going manner with very attractive women. She would have a lot more going for her than her looks, but she would still be a very beautiful woman. Right right now, I’d probably mess up the interaction. I think that we as guys often settle for the woman that happened to have chosen us.

I think women have a finely tuned desperate-sensing gene and they can smell when a guy is desperate for their attention and approval. I think it’s some basic instinct in us guys that just wants to “have her” that screws us up and makes us sound awkward. We’re so afraid of rejection and meeting new women that we think it’s better to stick with what we got because we feel it’s just so damn hard meeting new women.

Some people are not comfortable with this kind of dating and they will shun you down.

For others, they believe in an open relationship and do not mind dating multiple women.

If, however, you have some bitterness or anger towards women and feel like you want to “get one over” on them, this is not the way to do it.

You can either decide to be open and tell the women you are dating that you are seeing other women or you can take the risk and live the deceptive life and sneak about. Indicate that you are not looking for a serious relationship yet There are women and men who do not mind the open relationships.

You can try being open if you are confident and courageous to go that far.

What would dating be like if you could decide the rules?

On the deepest level, men are biologically programmed to want to sleep with as many partners as possible. How to Date Multiple Women (And Still Find the Woman of Your Dreams) is Joshua Pellicer’s guide to dating as many women as you want, in a way that is honest, satisfying, and without pain for any party involved.

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