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I use IValue Converter, that works perfectly, but only calculates values of the column four when I change the row, and I need that when I change the cell 2 and 3, changes the 4 column.

This is my XAML: event when any of its properties changes.

I would like to use a parent to Model but the Search class inherits the Model, and it seems that these new fields can not be moved in a super class of the model class, because generates a conflict with get Country Name() in Model, Do you have any suggestion for generalize the procedure for more than one class? But it seems the hardest scenario has been omitted. It points to: It should point to: But when I try to filter any data it throws an exception like : SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1052 Column 'categories_id' in where clause is ambiguous The SQL being executed was: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM @davey I updated Step 2 after a re-consideration.

I spent 2 days (and it is not finish) to solve this problem: How to filter a related model (via a pivot table) I have model A, model A_B, and model B. Yes, this is the ideal method, which should load your query the right way (and you do not impact your filters).

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And the same thing happens when you change a formula; the change will also expand to the rest of the calculated column.

All is working, except that in a column I want to show a value calculated in My Dto (by a readonly property) and this cause some problem during editing. I set that column readonly property = True and Visible = False in Edit Form Settings, but when I insert a new row and I press Update the Object Data Source throw the exception "The 'Calculated Value' property on the type specified by the Data Object Type Name property in Object Data Source 'My Data Source' is readonly and its value cannot be set." I don't understand why the Grid View is trying to update a readonly value. The problem arises because the Grid View, automatically, try to update EVERY bound column, readonly or not (readonly is respect from the user perspective).

I've edited the Edit Item Template for the calculated column inserting an empty template.

And finally modify the Calculate Totals() javascript function.

Great tutorial, but I would like to generalize this functionality for many classes because they have the same link to one table. I'm referring at the link at the top of the article, it point to this very same article !!!!

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