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But that door didn’t lock, and every single time I tried that night, I would enter the bathroom, close the door of the stall, and assume the position.Right before I found that moment of release, some other woman would open up the outer door and stand two feet from me on the outside of the stall.I don’t know where I developed such a bizarre fear of doing something so normal, but I did and that’s just the way it goes.Once, I was at a bar with friends for a good long while and tried three separate times to pee over the course of the evening.

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I realize that sentence sounds funny and ridiculous, but it’s not funny if you’re freaking out about it in the moment.

Sherry Ross from the site Hello Flo (a monthly period care package you need to check out) for answers on this one.

Delight yourself with beautiful babes slowly taking their clothes off and shoving dildos inside their pussies before peeing inside glasses or jars and pouring them all over their lips and boobies at the end.

Urine loving hotties who clearly enjoy the taste and get themselves off like never before after dipping those naughty tongues into their own pee puddles.

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