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The biggest gap in mobile media consumption, however, comes with email.According to Com Score, 75 per cent of i Phone users get their mail through their handset - more than double the 35 per cent of other smartphone users that do the same, and more than five times the 13 per cent of all mobile users that pick up their email on the go.Here are the possible i Phone 8 features that jump out at me.Remember, this is pure speculation -- or more somewhat educated guesses -- that may never come to be. A run-in with an aggressive and intimidating stranger.

If you are a 48 Hours fan as we are, I highly recommend that you give it a try. The content is great when it's accessible, but the app crashes frequently and never remembers I've already purchased it.

But if you don't want icon to have one chosen for you.

Once you're ready to make the call, set up the timer for when the phone call will be made and tap on the phone icon.

The show follows several two-person teams as they attempt to get off the grid and stay on the run for 28 days, as a team of highly trained law enforcement experts use every trick in the book to try and track the "fugitives" down.

In this week's episode, dreamy millennial duo Miles and Will are attempting to hide out somewhere between South Carolina and Georgia, so the Hunters devise a scheme to send their photos out on a number of dating apps with the offer of a reward, hoping that some enterprising young lady will give up their location for a sweet cash prize.

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