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This year, he decided it was time to give Five Families an update for the modern age with an anniversary addition that clues readers in on recent developments.

Maybe she should have listened to Pride and worked on control... You're given permission to do anything it takes to bringing down your targets and this pretty much always entails driving down a highway, guns blazing, as you leap on top of cars, gun down the criminals inside, and then highjack the vehicle.The game started yelling at me for abandoning my crew but no matter how fast I drove, everybody was speeding away from me and I couldn't catch up.After restarting the mission, I didn't drop back and found that everybody drives at double speed until the mobsters catch up to the FBI boats and then everybody goes back to normal, so that's why I couldn't catch up.Unfortunately, once you get outside of the premise, it quickly falls apart.If you deviate from how the game intends you to complete a mission, it's an instant loss.

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