Cold steel carbon v trailmaster dating

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It chopped like a machete and split like maul (with a baton of course), and held it's edge admirably. The handle snapped off at the guard after a couple of sessions with a baton.

No full tang = don't hammer on something with a log.

This is an out of the box review of 3 knives out of my collection.

I picked 3 different manufacturers and 3 different sizes for variety's sake.

Could have been a little sharper I thought so my neighbor sharpens knives on the side, now it shaves my arm hairs.

Ichiro Hattori (Born 1939- 服部 維知郎)is a renowned knife maker in the city of Seki, Gifu Prefecture Japan.

Does anyone make the following knife for OTD or less?

More than that = no knife, as this is a "luxury" item in many ways. Duty will be occasional car camping (few times a year).

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(Kershaw Model 1007 Trooper) (Browning Double Edged Damascus Hunter) Perhaps the most well known knives made by Hattori are the fighting bowies for SOG Specialty Knives of Santa Monica California, which were reproductions of a design originally created by Conrad Ben Baker for MACV-CISO Special Forces operations during the Vietnam war.Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.It is loud, difficult to engage and re-engage the knive due to the floppy nylon belt loop. The hilt on the Scout is a little primitive looking, but gives me the peace of mind to know my hand will not slip onto the blade during use.The deal breaker with this knife is in Texas this knife cannot be legally carried around due to the 7 1/2" long blade.

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