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I can connect the phone to my computer and have it recognized. They ask the same lame questions, did I plug the phone in using the USB cable, did I download the name I wanted, did I have the exe file on my computer, did I right click or double click the file, did I have the Elmo icon and how did I click on that.

I can click and get a 100% complete message downloading and installing the name, but it never does. All the time I did tell them I was able to launch the software.

Elmo Knows Your Name is a Sesame Street talking electronic plush toy made in 2005 by Fisher-Price.

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The main screen allows kids to get randomly selected calls, or parents can choose specific calls for kids from the parent section.

Need technical help with your Mattel, Fisher-Price, or Radica computer products, online games, or apps for mobile devices?

The upgrade will replace a dilapidated wooden structure and single pit toilet with a concrete, wheelchair accessible, dual men/women facility.

The main screen has "telephone" and "voicemail" tabs with three options for calls and two voicemail messages.

They don't give specific descriptions as to what will Elmo will say on the call you're choosing for your child from this menu.

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