Disable updating pending checkins

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window displays all the checked-out files in the current solution.

You can use this window to check in all the checked out files in a solution with a single button click.

This option and the behavior it modifies have no effect when you use the /noprompt option.

Option Clicking on the Notification Icon button will turn it grey, disabling Notifications for the day.After canceling the install, waiting for the clean up and then redownloading again (I found now that I didn't have to redownload) I had the same issue.I dug around online, but didn't find anything that was really promising. id=49540 While I was doing this I had left the Windows 10 upgrade churning away at the Checking for Updates stage.Updates to Localeze profiles are not synced with the corresponding Place, so its useful for Facebook to crowdsource this data management to the people who are actually checking in to the business.For instance, perhaps the phone number of a business has changed, or they’ve recently launched a web page.

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